Top Services Offered by Professional Document Destruction Service Providers

Posted on: 10 September 2019

What comes to mind when you hear about document destruction? Most businesses believe that document destruction only involves shredding documents in the office, using a paper shredder. While this is true, there are instances when a portable paper shredder is an ineffective document destruction option. This is especially the case when a business has a lot of documents in their possession that they want to be destroyed within a limited time. It is in such instances that a business needs to hire document destruction services. However, you need to understand that service providers offer a range of document destruction services. As such, you must know what you need before hiring a service provider. Read on.

Mobile Shredding Services

The first service you should expect from document destruction services is mobile shredding services. As the name suggests, mobile shredding refers to remote destruction of documents where a service provider delivers the service at a client's business premises. Mobile shredding services are best suited for businesses that want to witness the shredding. For instance, if your documents contain sensitive financial information, you cannot guarantee that the service provider will act professionally and not look through the documents. Therefore, the best way you can ensure sensitive information remains confidential is to hire mobile shredding services and have the records destroyed on-site.

Off-Site Shredding

If documents do not contain sensitive information, you can still hire mobile shredding services or opt for off-site shredding. Off-site shredding services, therefore, are the opposite of the former because documents are destroyed at the service provider's facility. It makes it the best option for businesses that collect large quantities of documents within short periods. Also, shredding such volumes on-site can disrupt operations due to the long time it takes to complete piles of documents. A significant advantage of off-site shredding services is the pickup service a provider offers. As such, it is one of the most cost-effective document destruction services out there.

Electronic Media Destruction

A document destruction service provider worth their salt understands that documents can either be in paper form or digital form. While paper can be shredded to destroy information, formatting of electronic media does not destroy information contained therein. Therefore, electronic media must be handled differently, and that is where electronic media shredding services come in. Equipped with specialised equipment, service providers can shred and crush digital media and make the platters unreadable. Furthermore, you get a certificate of destruction once the process is through, indicating that identity thieves and corporate spies cannot recover data from the destroyed pieces.