3 Ways of Breathing New Life into Your Boat Interior

Posted on: 16 December 2019

If the interior of your boat is starting to look a little tired, you may be looking for ways to breathe new life into it. The article will explore three ways in which you can make the interior of your vessel look great with new boat trimmings or other interior design elements. Read on to learn more.

Reupholster the seating

The seating in your boat can take a real beating. As well as having to cope with general wear and tear, the fabric of the seating will also be exposed to salt from the seawater that is carried inside by the wind or on clothing. Over time, salt can damage the fabric, causing it to thin out so it looks patchy. The effect of the sun may also cause fabrics to fade. To deal with this issue, you should think about having the seating reupholstered using vinyl. As well as looking great, vinyl will also repel any moisture and salt. Opting for a light coloured vinyl can also help to reduce the impact of any fading caused by the sun. You can keep the vinyl in good condition by occasionally wiping it down with warm water using a soft cloth.

Add additional lighting

If the interior of your boat looks a little too dark once the sun has set, you should consider adding additional lighting. Because space is always at a premium onboard a vessel, you may want to invest in spotlights that are recessed into the ceiling of the vessel. If this is not possible due to the layout of your boat, then you could also add strip lights along the back edge of the seating area.

Consider space-saving furniture

Working on the interior of your vessel provides you with a fantastic opportunity to install space-saving furniture. A good way of thinking about furniture is to consider that it is only useful when it is being used. If it is not being used, it is taking up valuable space. You can maximise space inside your boat by replacing a freestanding table with one that folds-up. If you have a sleeping area onboard, you should consider investing in beds that fold up into the wall or that collapse when not in use.

New upholstery, additional lighting, and space-saving furniture can make your boat even more beautiful and functional. To learn more about boat trimmings or marine upholstery, contact a local resource.