Have You Chosen the Right Wheelchair Restraints?

Posted on: 6 April 2021

As a responsible car owner, you wouldn't dream of taking even a short drive without ensuring that a passenger in a wheelchair was secured. Driving down the road without checking that the wheelchair isn't going to start rolling around or tip over when you brake suddenly would be incredibly dangerous. How can you safely secure a wheelchair in place so that it won't move whatever way the driver turns the car? The safest way to keep the wheelchair safe is to fit wheelchair restraints in the car. To use your restraints effectively, it is essential to buy the type that suits your requirements.

How much time do you have?

One of the biggest problems with wheelchair restraints is the amount of time it can take to secure the wheelchair and to release it at the end of the journey. If you have plenty of free time and are only making the journey for pleasure, time may not be a concern. If you are travelling to work or meeting with others, you must ensure that the wheelchair can be secured and released quickly. Manual tie-down wheelchair restraints are the cheapest option, but if you frequently transport the wheelchair, you may become frustrated by continually buckling the chair into place or applying the ratchet to hold the chair into position.

What can the chair user do?

Self-adjusting wheelchair restraints may seem like a great idea. They will tighten to hold any wheelchair firmly. The most significant difficulty with retractable or self-adjusting wheelchair restraints is that they rely on the wheelchair user having sufficient mobility in their arms to connect the straps of the wheelchair restraints. If the person you need to transport can't manage the straps promptly, you may need to consider an alternative solution.

Are you working alone?

If you have someone to help you load the wheelchair into position, it may not matter too much which type of restraint you purchase. If you are working alone, you could benefit from fitting automatic wheelchair restraints in your vehicle. With automatic wheelchair restraints, all you need to do is place the chair in the desired position, and the restraints will lock automatically. After the journey, you can free the chair by pressing a button on the vehicle dashboard or the restraints.

To identify the most suitable wheelchair restraints for your situation, give your local supplier of wheelchair restraints a call today and see how they can help.