How to Make a Diamond Engagement Ring Feel Personal to Your Loved One

Posted on: 30 June 2021

Getting engaged is one of the most important milestones of any relationship, but the process of choosing the perfect diamond ring can be overwhelming, especially if you don't wear jewellery yourself. The perfect ring, as well as being visually stunning, is one that suits your partner's style and personality. This short guide aims to explain aspects of a ring that can be chosen to perfectly suit your loved one.

Choose a Unique Stone Colour

Clear, bright diamonds are the most classic, timeless choice for an engagement ring. However, choosing a coloured diamond is a great way to make an engagement ring feel more personalised to your loved one. For example, if they love a certain colour, such as pink or green, you could choose a diamond in that colour to show you know exactly what they like. You could also choose a diamond that suits their sense of style, such as a black diamond for someone with a darker aesthetic. Think carefully about their favourite colours and colours they often wear and choose something that works. However, remember that the classic clear diamond is popular for a reason, and if the jeweller doesn't have a colour your partner loves, it might be a good idea to personalise the ring in another way.

Pick the Right Metal

In addition to picking the perfect diamond for your partner, you'll need to choose a metal for the band. This is another area in which you can show off how well you know your partner, and choose something that really suits their style and personality. If your loved one wears silver jewellery and cool tones, they might like a platinum or white gold band. For a warmer feel, go for yellow gold. You might also know that they love a certain metal or colour, such as rose gold. Finally, think about practical considerations. If they work with their hands, it would mean a lot if you chose durable platinum, and if they have sensitive skin, pick a hypoallergenic metal.

Consider an Engraved Band

Having the band of your diamond engagement ring engraved is one of the sweetest, most meaningful ways of personalising the ring. Most metals can be engraved for an extra fee, and a jeweller will be able to give you ideas about the ideal message length. You could keep it simple and go for a heartfelt reminder of your love, or you could get the date of your first meeting. To further personalise the ring, consider a quote from your loved one's favourite book or poem, a saying or nickname from your relationship or a cute inside joke.

If you think carefully about the diamond colour and band metal for your loved one, as well as picking the perfect inscription, you can ensure that the ring is a truly special piece of jewellery they'll be happy to wear for years to come. Visit a local jeweller to look at diamond engagement rings.