• 5 Qualities to Consider When Buying Furniture for Healthcare Environments

    Hospitals, health conferences and clinics have special needs when it comes to furniture. Just like any public setting, safety and durability are of paramount importance. However, furnishing healthcare facilities can be quite challenging. This post outlines five crucial factors to consider when purchasing furniture for healthcare environments.  Durable and Hygienic  Surfaces for most furniture can be breeding grounds for bacteria, mould or viruses. Hence, when choosing healthcare furniture, go for ones whose surfaces are non-porous and without creases that can harbour germs.
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  • Claiming property lines vs carrying out a survey before subdividing land

    Many properties across the country are separated by fences, line markings, walls, and other types of boundaries. However, most boundaries are simply "claimed" as being accurate, as opposed to being backed by a reputable survey. You may encounter this when you purchase a new home or a piece of land for development. But proper boundaries are even more critical when subdividing land. Because each new piece will require accurate coordinates, simply claiming these boundaries is a recipe for disaster.
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