Follow These Tips When Marking Lines in Your Parking Lot

Posted on: 8 June 2016

When the lines in your parking lot start to fade, it creates a danger to anyone parking there, since handicapped spaces are hard to see and lines between parking spaces are not as obvious. It is best to get these lines done with a fresh coat of paint before any incidents occur. Here are some tips for line marking if you decide to do it yourself.

Make Preparations Beforehand

You never want to rent a line marking machine then start using it right away. There are a number of preparations that need to be done first to get the asphalt lot ready for line marking. First of all, make sure the area is completely clean and clear of debris. No obstacles should be in the way of getting a straight, clean line, such as dust, debris, leaves, twigs, or tree branches. Clear the area and sweep the lot clean. Using a pressure washer is also a good way to ensure the area is clean and that the paint will stick properly. You might also want to repair cracks and holes before you begin, then seal the lot afterward so you start with a smooth surface.

Use the Right Line Marking Equipment

Since you are not a professional line marker, you may not have access to the same commercial equipment. However, it is still possible to choose high-quality marking equipment that gets the job done efficiently. When you have good equipment, the lines go on smoothly without incident. You will notice that the edges are cleaner and crisper than if you were to use cheap marking equipment. It not only ensures the parking lot lines are easy to see, but it helps to improve your curb appeal. A spray jet marking machine is a good option since the machine doesn't actually touch the ground, which could cause it to rub against the paint and not leave a clean look.

Take Your Time

A common mistake made by people who are line marking for the first time is to rush through the project as quickly as possible. Make sure you are going as slow as you can, especially if this is the first time you have used a line marking machine. Going slow and steady will ensure you have straight lines in the right areas on the pavement. Choose a day when you don't have other obligations so you don't feel pressured to rush the job. Also, make sure the weather is nice, without wind, rain, or other issues.

As you start marking lines on the pavement, make sure you pay attention to potential issues with the machine. For example, if there is an air leak, turn off the equipment and recharge it before continuing. If the paint seems to be getting stuck, try bleeding the paint line, then trying again.