Choosing a Gemstone That Says "I Love You"

Posted on: 17 June 2017

Along with flowers and fancy chocolates, jewellery is undoubtedly one of the classic presents you could give you someone you love. Unlike the other two, though, jewellery is a more permanent option, one that can be kept and treasured forever.

Of course, there are a lot of choices to make when you're deciding on a piece of jewellery for a gift, and it doesn't just come down to the tastes of your loved one and the styles you think they will like. Gemstones have long held various associations, which gives them a bit of extra meaning beyond how pretty they look. Here are some stones that are traditionally linked to love, to help you choose the right jewellery for a gift:

Rose quartz

Of all the stones associated with love, rose quartz might be the best known. It's pretty pale pink colour has made it popular purely for its appearance, but it also has a traditional link with all kinds of love. In particular, rose quartz is associated with marriage.


A versatile love stone with an affiliation with all kinds of love, Jade is connected to the heart in some traditions. Jade is also a protective stone, said to help guard someone you care for from harm.


Turquoise is more heavily associated with friendship and platonic love than the romantic variety. Like Jade, it's said to protect against negative forces, so it makes an excellent gift for a close friend who lives far away.


An energetic stone, moonstone is traditionally said to excite the passions. As such, it's one strictly for romantic relationships, an ideal gift for your lover. Moonstone gets its name from its shimmering lunar appearance, which has also given it a connection to Diana, the huntress of the full moon in Roman mythology.


Sapphires are most strongly connected to new love or used to make a promise of commitment and dedication. It comes in a variety of colours, but the pink sapphire is the classic love stone. Sapphires make an excellent gift for your partner in a new relationship but are also sometimes given to a partner when the two of you have to be apart for some time.


The beautiful deep red stone is highly prized for its stunning appearance, but it also has a strong traditional association with love. As you might expect from its bold red look, the ruby is considered a highly romantic stone, linked with passion and heat.

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