4 Things You Should Consider When Hiring a Generator

Posted on: 16 November 2017

Hiring a generator should be top of the list if you are looking forward to holding an outdoor event or handling a professional project that requires power.  If you have to use machines or appliances that require power, you will most likely need a generator. There are several considerations to look into before settling on any given generator. The following are some key considerations before hiring a generator.

1. Your power needs

Considering the load should be a priority for this exercise. You need to list down some of the appliances that will require being powered by the generator, clearly indicating how much power each of them would require. This will help you calculate an estimate, on the higher side, as some equipment might require more power than the specified wattage. It is important therefore to look for a generator that will supply slightly higher voltages than what you estimate. Remember, overloading the generator will do a disservice to you, hence the need to carefully select a generator that is adequate for all the power requirements you have.

2. Noise

You do not want to have a generator at your wedding event that will drown the music from the band for your first dance. You need to be cognizant of the people around you or the type of event and the proximity of the generator to the main area, as loud noise can spoil the planned event. Therefore, discuss with the generator hire company the nature of your event, and preferably select a generator that will cause minimal disturbance.

3. The location of the generator

Where will you locate the generator while it is in use? With emission of carbon monoxide, you do not want to place a generator near dinner area, as that is not what you would want to be inhaling. It should also be out of reach of children and general high traffic areas for an outdoor event. But consider the distance in relation to the appliances it will be powering. Do not also place it in open areas that are wet or let it be rained on. Practice safety measures by keeping it covered.

4. The runtime

Some generators will use diesel to run while others will be petrol powered. Also, while some can run for a few hours, others can work for several hours or even a day. Based on the event you have, discuss with the leasing company so that you settle for what is adequate for your needs. Refilling the generator should only be done after it is has cooled off. Do not do this when it is still hot.

Finally, know everything you need to know from the leasing company beforehand. If you feel not sure of anything, get clarity from them. For more information, contact a business such as Total Generators.