Three Simple Guidelines for Repairing Your Ripped Tarpaulin

Posted on: 28 March 2018

The performance and durability of your tarpaulin will depend on the material used for making the product. Therefore, you should evaluate the options on the market if you are planning on purchasing a suitable tarp for your applications. You can choose a highly durable industrial-grade item manufactured using materials such as canvas and vinyl. Alternatively, you can opt for the cheaper and disposable alternatives which are created using lightweight polythene.

Regardless of your choice, you should remember that tarps are not infallible. You should protect them from undue stress which could cause tearing. If your tarpaulin gets ripped, you should use the below tips for resolution. 

Apply Repair Tape

You should purchase poly repair tape if you have a plastic tarpaulin. This type of product is perfect for dealing with small rips and holes in the sheet. In general, the repair tape is made from a resilient polymer material. Therefore, when it is applied over a tear, it will restore the tarp's waterproofing capabilities. Also, it will strengthen the damaged area, prolonging the sheet's lifespan. When purchasing your repair tape, you should ensure that the material is manufactured to provide ideal flexibility after application.

Sew the Damaged Area

You should think about sewing the rip in the tarpaulin to restore its condition. However, you should note that this method is suitable for handling damaged canvas sheets. Canvas is a fabric which is manufactured using natural fibres such as cotton. Therefore, it can be repaired the traditional way with a thread and needle. You might also need patches for covering large holes. You should note that canvas cannot be repaired using a normal sewing needle and standard thread. The material is too tough. You should purchase a canvas tarp repair kit which contains the necessary items for quick sewing and patching. 

Use Cement and Adhesives

If you have a tough, vinyl-based tarpaulin, you will not be able to perform repairs using flexible tape or a sewing kit. The material is too tough for proper sealing with light tape, and a needle might cause more problems. If this is your case, you should think about purchasing vinyl cement for the repairs. This type of bonding product is designed for use on laminated sheets such as vinyl-coated tarpaulins. Once the cement is applied, it will restore the water-resistant nature of the tarp. In addition, the cement will not become degraded by heat from the sun. You should also inquire about the availability of suitable adhesive to match your tarp material.