Two Tips for Bar Owners Who Want to Build Patios on Their Premises

Posted on: 19 March 2019

If you're fortunate enough to own a bar in an area that has a warm climate and scenic views, then it's worth having a patio built on your premises as an outdoor seating area of this kind will give your customers a chance to take in the surrounding scenery and enjoy the pleasant weather whilst having a drink. If you're going to do this, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

Ask the Contractor Who Will Be Installing the Patio to Permanently Anchor the Umbrellas to the Floor

Umbrellas are an essential feature for any commercial patio; these will help to shield your customers from the sun and also protect them during any bouts of rain. It is important to ensure that the contractor permanently anchors the umbrellas to the floor of the patio because if it gets too windy, any unanchored umbrellas could tip over and possibly fly around in the wind

If this happens, the umbrellas could land on the tables and knock over the customer's food and drinks. Worse still, the umbrellas could land directly on some of the customers and in doing so, leave them with injuries. Incidents of this kind could damage your bar's reputation and even lead to lawsuits. Prevent these problems by permanently anchoring umbrellas to the floor.

Opt for Level Outdoor Tiles Instead of Rough Paving Stones

It is best to instruct the contractor to use completely flat, level tiles rather than rough paving stones to create the patio floor. Your staff members will walk across the patio dozens of time each day in order to deliver drinks to customers and to clear up the used glasses left behind by those who have finished their drinks. If the patio features paving stones, which tend to have a bumpy texture that results in them not being completely level, there is a much greater chance that your staff will trip over these stones whilst carrying drinks or empty glasses.

Falling over whilst carrying these objects is very likely to result in either the staff member being hurt (as they could be cut by the broken glass) or a customer having a drink spilt on them. As such, it is best to use flat, level outdoor tiles, as these will be easier and safer for both your staff and customers to walk on.

To learn more about patio installation, contact a custom patio builder near you.