5 Qualities to Consider When Buying Furniture for Healthcare Environments

Posted on: 17 March 2020

Hospitals, health conferences and clinics have special needs when it comes to furniture. Just like any public setting, safety and durability are of paramount importance. However, furnishing healthcare facilities can be quite challenging. This post outlines five crucial factors to consider when purchasing furniture for healthcare environments. 

Durable and Hygienic 

Surfaces for most furniture can be breeding grounds for bacteria, mould or viruses. Hence, when choosing healthcare furniture, go for ones whose surfaces are non-porous and without creases that can harbour germs. Also, consider choosing antimicrobial upholstery to help minimise the spread of disease-causing critters and sicknesses. Choose high-performance furniture that's easy to clean and has antibacterial properties.

Safety and Comfort

People of all body sizes, ages or physical infirmities visit health centres. Thus, such places require safe and comfortable furniture to serve the needs of every patient. For instance, consider proper seating options that are suitably high and sturdy. Additionally, choose less-flammable furniture with soft edges to minimise the risk of injury. 

Efficiency and Privacy

When selecting furniture for use in a healthcare environment, think beyond chairs and tables. Invest in sound-absorbing walls, privacy screens and configurable fittings to prevent unnecessary problems for health practitioners during treatment. Attention to workplace design allows staff to focus more on their work and become more efficient. Privacy can also help reduce anxiety in patients and promote peace of mind. 

Warm and Welcoming

While healthcare facilities offer beneficial services, they can also be taxing for patients or families. When healthcare is being provided in intimidating set-ups, the situation becomes even more stressful for patients. Consider choosing furniture with warm and neutral colours, and include a few potted plants in the rooms. It's wise to incorporate colours that are consistent with your brand to encourage a calm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Environmentally Safe

A comforting healthcare environment involves choosing the right décor that protects the environment. Hence, stay away from furniture that has elements that are harmful to the environment. Some volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as formaldehyde and benzene are detrimental to both the environment and people within the healthcare facility. In addition, some materials, plywood and other furniture-related things may contain chemicals that promote unsafe conditions. Hence, it's crucial to watch out for these when purchasing your healthcare furniture.

Furniture for the healthcare environment is different from furniture for other environments. Hence, when purchasing such furniture, consider the five essential factors discussed above. Contact medical conference furniture suppliers today to learn more.